The prevalence of diabetes is rising alarmingly. It is estimated to affect over three million people in the UK today. However, recent statistics suggest that up to five million people in the UK will develop Type 2 Diabetes by 2025.

At Fishpool Pharmacy we offer a FREE screening service to determine whether you are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. It’s completely confidential and takes just a few minutes.

What will happen during the Type 2 Diabetes Screening Service?

The service will take place in a private consultation room by a trained member of staff. You will be asked some questions so that they can assess your risk of Type 2 diabetes. These will be about:

  • Your age
  • Your height, weight and waist measurement
  • Your daily activity
  • Your diet, in particular how many fruit and vegetables you eat
  • If you use high blood pressure medication
  • If you have ever had a high blood glucose reading
  • If any family member has diabetes


If you are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes we can advise you on how to slow or even reduce your risk of developing the condition.

If you’re at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes we’ll measure your blood pressure and take a very small finger-prick sample of blood to measure your blood glucose level.

Depending on the results of this test, we may ask you to come back for further assessment. This will include:

  • A fasting blood glucose test, which involves taking a sample of blood when you have an empty stomach (usually first thing in the morning before you have breakfast)
  • Weight, height and waist measurement
  • Additional blood pressure measurements

We’ll also offer you lifestyle advice and recommend ways of reducing your chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

If appropriate, we may refer you to your doctor.


How long will the service take?

The consultation will only take a few minutes.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No, you don’t. Occasionally at busy times you may be asked to make an appointment.

Do I have to pay for the service?

No, this service is free.

What do I do next?

To have your diabetes screening test, visit your local branch.

Further information

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